Pandarian is the creator of the first and biggest forest in the NFT world in the Amazon. It is a collection of 7,777 pandas that transform the world and help its conservation. You will be able to live all of its ecosystem in the metaverse, The Sandbox.

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The Pandarian join together with Saving the Amazon in order to create the biggest forest of the world in the lung of the planet, the Amazon. We want to contribute as a community to reduce the environmental damages caused and help decrease the carbon footprint that affects our world.


Adopt a tree! For every NFT that is purchased, our community will plant a tree in the Amazon. In addition, we have created an ecosystem in which you will make earnings for helping our community in The Sandbox. You will have the opportunity to play and win prizes of up to $9,000. As a holder of our NFT, you will receive a percentage as a reward for being a Pandarian that transforms the world. WE ARE EVERYWHERE.


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The collection has a supply of 7,777 with 3 different rarities, with unique styles inspired by the best of anime and our childhood.

Every Pandarian will have a price of TBA. You will have the opportunity to access a whitelist of 5,000 people to be among the first to have a Pandanrian.

If you have a community and you want to be part of Pandarian, you can make profit for every person in your community that purchases a pandarian. The more people from your community that join, the more you can profit.

Go to the pandarian discord and add yourself to the advisor group. You will get a pandarian advisor link when 50 people from your community become part of Pandarian. As soon as the NFT is verified, you can receive your percentage of profit.

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